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7-2-2015 Boat Trailer Vandalism

On 7-2-2015 Crime Watch received a report regarding 3 boat trailers that were sprayed with red paint. The trailers were parked at the parking lot at the intersection of Lake Rd and Lake Shore Dr. Police have been notified. If you know anything about the incident, please call police at 860-349-9685.

5-3-2015 Crime Watch Report Garage/Yard Burglary

Crime Watch received a report about items that were stolen from someone's garage and yard located down a gravel driveway off of Lake Rd. Missing is a BMX bike, a large black stuffed horse taken off its rocker legs, and a torch with tank used for welding. The items were believed to have been taken during the last couple of weeks. Please be on alert and notify police asap if you know anything about these missing items or if anyone else has noticed items missing from your properties.  Contact police at 860-349-9685.  This number is programmed to roll over to Westbrook police barracks if someone does not answer.

Beware of "Microsoft tech support" scam

Beware of "Microsoft tech support" scam that can result in theft of personal information.
If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from "Microsoft tech support" BEWARE. In a recent case the scammer asked for remote access to the computer to fix a malicious malware problem.  The person claimed that if he didn't fix the problem, the computer would crash.  For more information on this scam and how you can protect yourself, you can follow this LINK to the Microsoft website.  

2-28-2014 Crime Watch Report Window/Roofing Solicitors

Update:  Crime Watch Report 2-28-2014
Window/Roofing solicitors
Update: Home improvement solicitors had approached several homeowners yesterday.  *One lake resident reported the incident to the police right away when approached. They additionally informed police where solicitors were last seen and which direction they were headed.  Officer Kelly responded to the call and located and identified the two individuals. He stated they were working for Power House remodeling.  They did not have a permit and were instructed to obtain one at the Town Hall, which they did.  

We have had our share of crime over the last several months.  We all need to not lose faith in the system and work together on the incidents that have been taking place in our community.  In this instance, the system worked and police quickly provided us with information on the door to door sales people.

*Officer Kelly recommends that everyone follow this protocol if they witness something suspicious.  First and foremost, they need to get an officer on scene asap to catch up with the suspect in question.  Police remind us repeatedly that they would rather come out 100 times for something you think is nothing than to NOT be alerted right away of something that turns out to be a house break-in, etc.  After first contacting police of something you feel is suspicious, follow up with Crime Watch who will alert the community of a possible situation. People can then keep a look out to protect themselves and neighbors. The alerts bring awareness to the community and produce additional clues for police.  As always, Crime Watch will report on your behalf if you would otherwise not report an incident or you are in a position where you wish to remain anonymous.

I will be re-sending original Crime Watch packets.  In addition, Officer Kelly and I will be working to coordinate a community Crime Watch meeting to improve our system.

Thanks everyone, I will keep you posted.
Original Report:  Crime Watch received 2 reports of men who had approached homeowners this afternoon trying to sell windows and roofing jobs. They claimed they were working right down the street and in both incidents they provided no paperwork and no vehicle was seen.
Please use discretion if approached, ask them to provide I.D., business card, etc.  Call police immediately at 860-349-9685 if you suspect something suspicious. Police will investigate and let us know if they are legit. 
Thanks for your help.

2-19-2014 Crime Watch Report - more vehicle vandalism at beach

At 9:08 p.m. Crime Watch received a report of punctured/slashed tires on a truck parked at the beach parking lot.  It is unknown if any other vehicles were vandalized or when this occurred. The victim is filing a report with police.  

If you are parked at the beach, you may want to check your vehicles.

If you noticed anything suspicious, please call police at 860-349-9685

Thanks for any help you can provide.

1-14-2014 Crime Watch Report Suspicious Woman Peering in Windows

Crime Watch Report 1-14-2014

At 8:10 a.m. this morning, Crime Watch was alerted of a suspicious woman that was walking onto properties and peering into windows on Pawnee and Massasoit Roads.

The woman was described to be possibly in her late 40's to 50. She was wearing a light blue denim jacket and bright colored parachute pants.

Police were contacted.  Officer Calvo drove through the neighborhood and did not see the described woman, but advised that it is best to call 911 right away if you notice anything suspicious like this so they can address the situation right away.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


1-12-2014 Crime Watch Report - Graffiti Galore

Crime Watch Report 1-12-2014

On 1-12-2014 at 7:40 a.m. Crime Watch was notified of orange graffiti throughout Lake Shore Dr., Lake Rd and down Baileyville Rd.

AJP_4224 (1024x678).jpg


Found, were  22 vandalized signs/walls/buildings/mailboxes/stairs that are listed below.  Police have been notified and Officer Kelly is investigating. *Multiple tips were provided to CW that "LRG" stands for Lake Rat Gang.  We are asking for anyone's help that may be able to provide additional info, clues or who may have heard or saw anything last night or early this morning.  Thanks for your help.

-56 Lake Shore Dr Beach Residents Only No Dogs sign on wood guard rail sprayed
-30 Lake Shore Dr mailbox (mail genitalia)
-11 Lake Shore Dr retaining wall x2 “Lrg” “LRg”
-Lake Shore Dr & Lake Rd intersection stop sign  “WAP”
-41 Lake Rd “1” is sprayed out
-Lake Rd guard rail x2 “LRg” and orange line running down guard rail
-Lake Rd wall at deli “lrg”
-Lake Rd stop sign “B(?)”
-Baileyville Rd Speed Limit 30 sign at boat launch front sprayed out and 30 is now “80” back “LRG” “GOR?”
-Baileyville Rd new platform and stairs down to boat ramp “lrg” , hand rail sprayed orange
-189 Baileyville Rd mailbox (numbers sprayed out)
-Baileyville Rd walking sign (male genitalia)
-Baileyville Rd 4 sharp curve signs on both sides of road “LRG”
-Baileyville Rd 1 sharp curve sign “BL” “O or G and H”
-Baileyville Rd bridge going over Ellen Doyle “lrg”

Update:  An additional report came in today that the beach snack shack concession window was no longer secure and banging in the wind. 

Upon further investigation, perpetrators appeared to have gained access via plywood concession window that was ripped apart. Doors and drawers of cabinets were found rummaged through. Concession snacks and supplies were opened and tossed about. Orange spray paint was found on concession window and its counter top, black marker was found on cabinet counter top and orange graffiti covered entrance door. The concession permit was found burnt along edge, and graffiti was found on pavilion picnic table.

Police advise to keep your ears and eyes open and give them a call immediately if you hear or see anything else. Officer Kelly is the chief investigating officer and has notified Troop F of the issue. 

12-9-2013: Crime Watch Report - Many Missing Street Signs, Snack Shack Vandalized

On 12-9-2013:

Many Missing Street Signs - Snack Shack Vandalized 

Numerous street signs are missing in a concentrated radius of the beach and along the strip of Mattabeseck Rd and its side streets. Some street posts were found leaning with dangling stop signs. Realtor signs were also discovered vandalized. A missing no trespassing sign from one location was found tossed on the ground at another.

The snack shack at the beach was also discovered vandalized. 3 - 8' long trim boards and half of another were found ripped off and lying on the beach. 

Police have been notified and are investigating a possible connection with other reports filed over the weekend involving 3 broken windshields, and a broken side mirror of a car.

If your street sign is among the numerous that are missing, please send an email to to help police and the town get an accurate count.

Please contact police at 860-349-9685 if you have heard or noticed anything suspicious over the weekend.

As always, we appreciate your help!

11-13-13: Crime Watch Report - Snack Shack Vandalized, Rash of Shed Break-ins

Crime Watch Report 11-13-13: 

Snack Shack Vandalized at Beach, Rash of Sheds being Broken into

While airing the tires on the Snack Shack at the beach this evening, 4 puncture marks were discovered in each flat tire. Given the tires were known to be flat for a while, it is believed that this may have occurred around the same time that the October Vehicle Vandalism report went out, electrical wires to the snack shack were also found cut around that time.

Police have been notified and are investigating.

Please contact police at 860-349-9685 if you notice suspicious activity at the beach after hours, they want to be notified immediately.

In addition, Officer Mike Polansky wanted to make residents aware of a rash of recent shed break-ins in the surrounding area. However, no reports have been made at the lake as of yet. Please inform them if break-ins migrate our way.

Thanks for your help.

11-4-2013: Crime Watch Report - Missing & Vandalized Beach Signs

Crime Watch Report 11-4-2013 

Missing & Vandalized Beach Signs

The large "No Lifeguard on Duty" sign was discovered missing from between posts early this morning. In addition, 2 smaller signs were folded around the posts.


Police have been contacted and are investigating.

Please contact police at 860-349-9685 if you heard or saw anything suspicious that may be of help.  

Thanks for any help you can provide.

10-27-2013: Crime Watch Report - Missing "Lake Beseck" sign

The Lake Beseck entrance sign was removed from its posts between the hours of 11 PM on 10-26 and 7 AM on 10-27.  Attached to the sign was also a "Caution! Stay off Muck" sign, that is also missing.


Police have been contacted and are investigating.

If anyone heard or saw anything suspicious between these hours, please contact police at 860-349-9685.  (Officer Scott Halligan is handling the case)  

Thanks for any clues you can provide.


10-7-2013: Crime Watch Report - Vehicle Vandalism

 Crime Watch received a report from a resident who had returned home from a weekend away to discover vandalism to their vehicles.  The emblem from the front of their car was missing, the glass roof top appeared to have been keyed and one window looked like it had been pried.  Their other vehicle was reported to have a slashed tire.  The resident believes the incident could have happened Sunday night, 10-6-2013.

If anyone has heard or witnessed anything suspicious in the vicinity of Lake Shore Dr or elsewhere, please contact police at 860-349-9685.  By reporting incidents, this will give police a heads up to activity in our area.  

As always, it is helpful to follow up with an email to Crime Watch so we can keep everyone informed and alert.

Thanks for your help!


9-11-13: Crime Watch Report, BB guns - message from Officer Kelly

 Crime Watch received 2 separate reports of incidents involving what appeared to be BB guns shot toward boaters, geese, signs, a "No Wake" buoy and cans that were being tossed in the lake.

On Friday Sept 6 at 2:17 pm a resident reported on Friday afternoon that 3 boys and 1 girl were at the beach with what appeared to be a BB gun. One boy was reported as shooting at the sign at the top of the hill. He was described as wearing a tank top, crew cut hair and had many tattoos. The crowd was later spotted shooting at the “No Wake” buoy. In addition, they were witnessed throwing cans out in the lake and shooting them. During this time a fisherman in a boat unknowingly approached the area and was startled by a can that had been shot at, a distance from his boat. He turned around and went the other direction.

On Wed. Sept 11 at 10:56 am a local resident reported being out in their boat on Sunday Sept 8 between approximately 2 and 4 pm and witness 2 boys shooting what appeared to be 2 BB guns out toward their boat, targeting the geese in the water. The person also mentioned that one of the guns had a large scope on it that made them very nervous and they questioned whether it was a BB gun or real gun.  

Resident State Trooper, Eric Kelly expressed the need for people to report these incidents immediately, when they are happening.  "These issues need to be reported to the Barracks when they are happening....we need to identify who these people are when they are there...I understand they are not real firearms with real bullets but it is still serious in nature that warrants immediate response in the future...anyone can call the office at (860) 349-9685 and if no one is in the office, the call will roll over to the Barracks."

9-3-13: GPS unit stolen, cars rummaged through

Lake Beseck Crime Watch received word that a GPS unit was stolen from a vehicle last night.  3 cars were reported as being rummaged through during the overnight.  According to Officer Scott Halligan, the only clues given were tire impressions that resembled that of a small vehicle.  He advised people to be on alert and to keep your vehicle doors locked.  If you can offer any clues, please call one of our officers at 860-349-9685.  You can also send an email to:  Thanks.