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Whether you are interested in family activities in the area, efforts being made toward issues such as weed control and algae of the lake, becoming a volunteer, or you want to stay on top of crime events in the area, this is the place to be.

10-7-2013: Crime Watch Report - Vehicle Vandalism

 Crime Watch received a report from a resident who had returned home from a weekend away to discover vandalism to their vehicles.  The emblem from the front of their car was missing, the glass roof top appeared to have been keyed and one window looked like it had been pried.  Their other vehicle was reported to have a slashed tire.  The resident believes the incident could have happened Sunday night, 10-6-2013.

If anyone has heard or witnessed anything suspicious in the vicinity of Lake Shore Dr or elsewhere, please contact police at 860-349-9685.  By reporting incidents, this will give police a heads up to activity in our area.  

As always, it is helpful to follow up with an email to Crime Watch so we can keep everyone informed and alert.

Thanks for your help!