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9-11-13: Crime Watch Report, BB guns - message from Officer Kelly

 Crime Watch received 2 separate reports of incidents involving what appeared to be BB guns shot toward boaters, geese, signs, a "No Wake" buoy and cans that were being tossed in the lake.

On Friday Sept 6 at 2:17 pm a resident reported on Friday afternoon that 3 boys and 1 girl were at the beach with what appeared to be a BB gun. One boy was reported as shooting at the sign at the top of the hill. He was described as wearing a tank top, crew cut hair and had many tattoos. The crowd was later spotted shooting at the “No Wake” buoy. In addition, they were witnessed throwing cans out in the lake and shooting them. During this time a fisherman in a boat unknowingly approached the area and was startled by a can that had been shot at, a distance from his boat. He turned around and went the other direction.

On Wed. Sept 11 at 10:56 am a local resident reported being out in their boat on Sunday Sept 8 between approximately 2 and 4 pm and witness 2 boys shooting what appeared to be 2 BB guns out toward their boat, targeting the geese in the water. The person also mentioned that one of the guns had a large scope on it that made them very nervous and they questioned whether it was a BB gun or real gun.  

Resident State Trooper, Eric Kelly expressed the need for people to report these incidents immediately, when they are happening.  "These issues need to be reported to the Barracks when they are happening....we need to identify who these people are when they are there...I understand they are not real firearms with real bullets but it is still serious in nature that warrants immediate response in the future...anyone can call the office at (860) 349-9685 and if no one is in the office, the call will roll over to the Barracks."