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Whether you are interested in family activities in the area, efforts being made toward issues such as weed control and algae of the lake, becoming a volunteer, or you want to stay on top of crime events in the area, this is the place to be.

 LakeSmart Home Info

A LakeSmart program is a community-directed initiative designed to develop and cultivate lake stewardship including a sustainable living ethic on or near a lake. The Connecticut Federation of Lakes (CFL) has developed a program that provides a list of best management practices (BMPs) for lake associations and homeowners. Those BMPs are aimed at enhancing a lake’s recreational and aesthetic qualities. LakeSmart programs are voluntary, pledge-based programs where participants commit to implementing BMPs that support lake protection and improve quality of life for community residents. Individuals who commit to these programs are rewarded with an attractive plaque that can be displayed to signify their contribution to the LakeSmart Program. The Town of Middlefield has developed their own program following the CFL model and the proceeding outlines the specific BMP goals.