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1-12-2014 Crime Watch Report - Graffiti Galore

Crime Watch Report 1-12-2014

On 1-12-2014 at 7:40 a.m. Crime Watch was notified of orange graffiti throughout Lake Shore Dr., Lake Rd and down Baileyville Rd.

AJP_4224 (1024x678).jpg


Found, were  22 vandalized signs/walls/buildings/mailboxes/stairs that are listed below.  Police have been notified and Officer Kelly is investigating. *Multiple tips were provided to CW that "LRG" stands for Lake Rat Gang.  We are asking for anyone's help that may be able to provide additional info, clues or who may have heard or saw anything last night or early this morning.  Thanks for your help.

-56 Lake Shore Dr Beach Residents Only No Dogs sign on wood guard rail sprayed
-30 Lake Shore Dr mailbox (mail genitalia)
-11 Lake Shore Dr retaining wall x2 “Lrg” “LRg”
-Lake Shore Dr & Lake Rd intersection stop sign  “WAP”
-41 Lake Rd “1” is sprayed out
-Lake Rd guard rail x2 “LRg” and orange line running down guard rail
-Lake Rd wall at deli “lrg”
-Lake Rd stop sign “B(?)”
-Baileyville Rd Speed Limit 30 sign at boat launch front sprayed out and 30 is now “80” back “LRG” “GOR?”
-Baileyville Rd new platform and stairs down to boat ramp “lrg” , hand rail sprayed orange
-189 Baileyville Rd mailbox (numbers sprayed out)
-Baileyville Rd walking sign (male genitalia)
-Baileyville Rd 4 sharp curve signs on both sides of road “LRG”
-Baileyville Rd 1 sharp curve sign “BL” “O or G and H”
-Baileyville Rd bridge going over Ellen Doyle “lrg”

Update:  An additional report came in today that the beach snack shack concession window was no longer secure and banging in the wind. 

Upon further investigation, perpetrators appeared to have gained access via plywood concession window that was ripped apart. Doors and drawers of cabinets were found rummaged through. Concession snacks and supplies were opened and tossed about. Orange spray paint was found on concession window and its counter top, black marker was found on cabinet counter top and orange graffiti covered entrance door. The concession permit was found burnt along edge, and graffiti was found on pavilion picnic table.

Police advise to keep your ears and eyes open and give them a call immediately if you hear or see anything else. Officer Kelly is the chief investigating officer and has notified Troop F of the issue.