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Whether you are interested in family activities in the area, efforts being made toward issues such as weed control and algae of the lake, becoming a volunteer, or you want to stay on top of crime events in the area, this is the place to be.

Lake Beseck Crime Watch for Health

~uniting the community in a fun and positive manor that creates opportunity to meet with neighbors and promote health while being observant, alert and aware~

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The Lake Beseck Crime Watch Group was created in April of 2008 due to a rash of crime that had been taking place in our neighborhood. Many incidents went unreported while news traveled through word of mouth, leaving police unaware.  

People were noticing items missing from their vehicles, particularly loose change, and credit cards.  Word spread that all kinds of things were disappearing - everything from dirt bikes, yard tools, new construction windows, power tools electronics, and even lawn ornaments.

Upon surveying people about why they didn't report incidents, people felt:  1) items were too insignificant to report  2) they would be bothering police  3) police couldn't do anything about it, anyway.  4) or they simply alluded to feeling uncomfortable around police.

As a result, a meeting was held between residents and police who helped us create Lake Beseck Crime Watch!  

Positive change can take place when a community unites together to protect each other.  It can also have healthy benefits, and why we began promoting Crime Watch for health!

Exercise is good for everyone and can easily be incorporated into a Crime Watch program…walking around the lake with family and friends, gardening in our yards, having social events are things that can benefit all by becoming familiar with each other.  Through this, we are able to develop better intuition when making observations and more easily detect when something doesn’t seem quite right.     

The concept is to unite the community in a fun and positive way, creating an opportunity to meet neighbors, promote health while being observant, alert and aware.

Over the past several years, Crime Watch members and Block Captains have been a tremendous help with efforts of quickly getting alerts out to the community when incidents start to happen. Members have volunteered many hours protecting our neighbors, beach, watching over and securing Powder Ridge, and making observations that have ultimately protected our entire lake community. Members have also helped to raise money that has been put toward improvements in the neighborhood, such as a new fence at the beach.  

Map of Block Captains

Map of Block Captains

If you would like to become a Lake Beseck Crime Watch member or report something suspicious, use the form below or send an email to

If you are reporting something suspicious, police ask that you call them right away at 860-349-9685, then contact Crime Watch.  We will follow up with an alert to the community. We respect your privacy and in most cases withhold names and exact addresses in these alerts, unless otherwise directed.  If you would like Crime Watch to report something to police on your behalf that you would otherwise not report, we would be happy to do so.  When making a Crime Watch report, please specify if police have already been contacted.

To become a Crime Watch member write "add me" in subject line.
Are you reporting something suspicious or would you like to become a member? If you are reporting something suspicious, include as many details as possible. Date/time, were noises heard, was a license plate number observed, vehicle color, description of suspicious person, etc. (anything that might be helpful) It is good practice to grab a pad of paper, write things down and call police right away. If you would otherwise not call police, we will report on your behalf.
To join Lake Beseck Crime Watch, please confirm your Lake Beseck address.
Please enter a phone number that you can be reached. If you wish to become a member, we will use this to reach you in the event of an emergency.