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2-28-2014 Crime Watch Report Window/Roofing Solicitors

Update:  Crime Watch Report 2-28-2014
Window/Roofing solicitors
Update: Home improvement solicitors had approached several homeowners yesterday.  *One lake resident reported the incident to the police right away when approached. They additionally informed police where solicitors were last seen and which direction they were headed.  Officer Kelly responded to the call and located and identified the two individuals. He stated they were working for Power House remodeling.  They did not have a permit and were instructed to obtain one at the Town Hall, which they did.  

We have had our share of crime over the last several months.  We all need to not lose faith in the system and work together on the incidents that have been taking place in our community.  In this instance, the system worked and police quickly provided us with information on the door to door sales people.

*Officer Kelly recommends that everyone follow this protocol if they witness something suspicious.  First and foremost, they need to get an officer on scene asap to catch up with the suspect in question.  Police remind us repeatedly that they would rather come out 100 times for something you think is nothing than to NOT be alerted right away of something that turns out to be a house break-in, etc.  After first contacting police of something you feel is suspicious, follow up with Crime Watch who will alert the community of a possible situation. People can then keep a look out to protect themselves and neighbors. The alerts bring awareness to the community and produce additional clues for police.  As always, Crime Watch will report on your behalf if you would otherwise not report an incident or you are in a position where you wish to remain anonymous.

I will be re-sending original Crime Watch packets.  In addition, Officer Kelly and I will be working to coordinate a community Crime Watch meeting to improve our system.

Thanks everyone, I will keep you posted.
Original Report:  Crime Watch received 2 reports of men who had approached homeowners this afternoon trying to sell windows and roofing jobs. They claimed they were working right down the street and in both incidents they provided no paperwork and no vehicle was seen.
Please use discretion if approached, ask them to provide I.D., business card, etc.  Call police immediately at 860-349-9685 if you suspect something suspicious. Police will investigate and let us know if they are legit. 
Thanks for your help.