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Whether you are interested in family activities in the area, efforts being made toward issues such as weed control and algae of the lake, becoming a volunteer, or you want to stay on top of crime events in the area, this is the place to be.


Lake Beseck Winter Festival 2016

One in a series of events celebrating Middlefield's 150th brought to you by The Lake Beseck Association and Middlefield Parks & Rec! Heartfelt thanks to our dedicated planning committee that met up over the months to pull this off - Jay Brown, Ron Frost, John Manning, Barb Neligon, Craig Orosz, Amy & Rob Poturnicki, Pete Sibley, Amy Sorensen, Lori Vogel. Additional thanks to Craig Orosz for providing awesome tunes for the event; Monique Plinck, Jen Brown and Lida Matthews who helped organize, judge and gave donations for the Doggie Costume Contest; Amy Sorensen, Nancy Davidson, Cindy DiLauro, and Susan Burkott who assisted with and gave donations for the Kids Workshops; Ridgeland Farms who added so much to the event with the magical Hay Rides during the snowfall; Rob Poturnicki, John Manning and Josh Beebe who kept everyone warm with their hard work on the Igloo Warming Center, Middlefield Park & Rec who donated the supplies, and Chris Hurlbert who made an emergency run to Home Depot for furring strips to keep the plastic in place during those high winds; Manchester Community College Culinary Arts Ice Carving Team, Marie Agresta & Dale McLeod; Sr. Fish Biologist, Tom Bourrett who provided DEEP C.A.R.E. ice fishing education; Middlefield Fire Department who provided Cold Water Rescue education; Smokin Skulls BBQ and Cherry Hill Smoke House for the incredible food; Special thanks to: Lions Club of Middlefield for providing the ice blocks for the ice carvers; Vincent Cahill and Sons Excavating for proving a place "to go"; Perma Treat Corporation for donating a bundle of slabwood for the bonfire, Groomin N Roomin for donating gift certificates for our Doggie Costume Contest winners, Middlefield Park & Rec for providing and installing safety fencing, providing recreational supplies, and free hot chocolate to all; Pete Sibley for additional Igloo Warming Center supplies; Town of Middlefield for the firewood donation and assistance with snow removal; Chris Hurlbert for providing additional firewood, delivery with help from Brian & Patrick McDermott; Additional donations: Kids craft supplies, candy - Lida Matthews, Diane Jakiela, Joan Santos, Amy Poturnicki; patio heating provided by Rick Sorensen; snow making, Rob Poturnicki; dog biscuit goodie bags, Amy Poturnicki & Cindy DiLauro, Posh goody bags from Ashleigh Schmaltz. A shout out to Chris Hurlbert, Director of Middlefield Park & Rec for opening up the beach for this special event...without someone like Chris who embraces fun activities like this, these events would not take place! Thanks to all for a successful Blizzard of 2016 Winter Sequicentennial Festival!


sponsored by The Lake Beseck Association

A day of fun at The Lake Beseck Association Picnic to celebrate the return of the Lake

following the completion of  the Beseck Dam repair.

The Contestants - under age 12

The Winners: under age 12

3rd place...

2nd Place...

1st Place...

The contestants - over age 12


3rd Place...

2nd Place...

1st Place...

Additional Awards


Best Team...

Most Creative...


Many thanks to our panel of judges...

and WOW...Julia Orosz with her incredible voice who kicked off the race with The National Anthem...




3 Projects One Day

June 13 2015

In addition to a Storm Drain Stenciling Project hosted by the Lake Beseck Environment Committee, two other project were tackled with the help of Lake Beseck Association, and Middlefield Park & Rec, and Troop 33 Boy Scouts!  Cement pads were poured for new centralized mailboxes and the Snack Shack at Beseck Beach got some sprucing up!  Much was accomplished in a little over 4 hours!


Sponsored by Lake Beseck Environment Committee 

A great turnout for the Storm Drain Stenciling Project in an effort to raise awareness about storm drains and how rainwater can transport pollutants into over 200 these drains that flow into Beseck Lake.  

A storm drain is typically attached to a network of underground pipes designed to control flooding by transporting storm water to a water body.  Many people are unaware that these type of drains flow directly into rivers, lakes, streams, sounds, or oceans.  When it rains, the runoff transports debris, chemicals, pet waste, street litter, oil, leaves, grass clippings, dirt, fertilizers and more into these storm drains.  Pollutants that enter the storm drains do not get treated before emptying into a water body, and have a negative impact on water quality – (algal blooms, aquatic weed growth, bacteria, sedimentation, etc)  By stenciling messages near storm drains, it helps to raise awareness about how we can take part in improving the waters around us.  


After a long cold snowy winter it was nice to see so many families out during the annual LBA sponsored Easter Egg Hunt at Beseck Beach.  This year we had over 30 children participate in gathering Easter eggs that were scattered throughout the beach.  Many thanks go out to Amy Sorensen for an awesome job putting this together every year!


Despite hot weather and no lake, we still had a great turn of about 100 people that trickled in throughout the day.  We saw a few new faces, kids got a chance to soak First Selectman Jon Brayshaw for $10, they participated in a sand castle contest, got their faces painted, did crafts, the community had a chance to speak to our leaders about lake efforts, and we all enjoyed a nice bbq with the company of our neighbors.

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photo credit Dan Doyle





The Turion Project

May 3 2014

An environmental and educational activity that was geared toward invasive plants of Beseck Lake and the prevention of thousands of new Curlyleaf pondweed plants through the cleanup of "turions".

AJP_5704 (1024x522).jpg


Ask a Scientist Workshop

April 22 2014

People came out to learn a bit about Beseck Lake from scientists at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Mark June-Wells, Ph.D.- Limnologist and Plant Ecologist, New England Environmental, Inc. and Ed Bailey, Middlefield Second Selectman. 

LBA Easter Egg Hunt at the beach 

April 2014

Lake Beseck Association Holiday Party

Dec 15 2013

After summer activities wind down, it's great to get out and celebrate the holidays with LBA friends.

Cardboard Boat Race

sponsored by Middlefield Parks & Recreation

Sept 7 2013

The Boats

12 and under

The over 12 category


1 2 and under category

1st Place-The 3 Amigos (Amigo 1)

2nd Place-a tie!

The 3 Amigos (Amigo 3) & Team O

3rd place-Dugan Birthday Cake


Over 12 category

1st Place-Viking

Alan Brayshaw

2nd Place-Lake Environment Committee/Lake Beseck Association

Rob Poturnicki

3rd Place-Team O

Craig Orosz

Cutest Kids-"M" & "L" Newton

Most Creative-S.S. Liberty

Cindy DiLauro & Cathy Kersten

Most Spectacular Sinking - a tie!

"One accidental, one intentional!" 

 Park & Rec Barge-Chris Hurlbert & Rob Poturnicki


Green Eggs and Ham-Jon Brayshaw


Best Team Effort-Team Dugan

LBA Parade & Picnic

July 27 2013

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