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What's up with the shack at the beach?


                    "Beach Hut"

                    "Beach Hut"

Middlefield Parks and Recreation has a new "beach hut" that will be used as a beach snack bar and guard shack for the summer.  

Pass checkers will now be able to stay cool while offering up beach passes, cold beverages and snacks.

Our plan is to spruce it up and give it a fun beach themed overhaul!  

This week we will be looking for grass roof material, surf boards and fun beach themed objects! 

Volunteers are needed for this Saturday June 29th at 8 am to help give the beach hut a fresh coat of paint prior to decorating.

The concession stand was previously the Democratic Town Committee's potato booth at the Durham Fair. Many thanks go out to the DTC for their generous donation to Middlefield Parks and Recreation.