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Minutes of Lake Beseck Environment Committee - June 29 2015

Minutes of Lake Beseck Environment Committee - June 29 2015

1) Call to order at 7:11p

2) Members present – Ed Bailey, Rob Poturnicki, Amy Poturnicki, Randy Bernodas, Jim Irish, Craig Lundell, Rebecca Adams; also present - Jon Brayshaw, Mark June-Wells

3) Approval of Agenda - Motion by Rob Poturnicki, Second by Amy Poturnicki, all in favor

4) Public Comment – none

5) Mark June-Wells Report: on file with Town Clerk

Summary- Mark looked at distribution of terrestrial plants throughout lake, estimated at 11-17 acres. Taking a conservative approach, he mapped patches above .3 acres using a polygon, below .3 acres was marked as a point.  Reference - Map, Fig. 1 of report.  Mark stated issue is directly tied to dam repair that allowed plants to take a strong foothold by extensive drawdown of over a year and no competition of aquatic plants. He expects plants to survive in shallow waters, impacting recreation, navigational issues to boaters, and property values. Advises issue will be a long term management problem if not taken care of now, due to rapid invasion, high sedimentation that would eventually result in marshland.  Given scope of problem and variation of sediment types throughout areas of impact, two recommended approaches:  1) hydroraking – non-selective, impacting native plants, inefficient, very expensive2) herbicide – highest rate of success, Imazapyr being herbicide of choice given aquatic environment. It would have little to no impact to other aquatic plant life below water. When asked about safety, and how it is applied if State were to take herbicide approach, Mark advised it is listed on State approved list, rated very low on HHRA, degrades in 3 days under conditions in Beseck Lake, an EPA safe herbicide. Mark is willing to run full assessment of it for us. Regarding application, he advised it is done by spraying directly on plant, causing diminished protein synthesis and release of free oxygen radicals in plants within their intercellular tissues, breaking down their cell walls.

May Water Quality testing resulted in diminished oxygen of water early, as well as significant Phosphorus enrichment in bottom waters of 100 ppb, that is historically not seen until late July/Aug. Suggesting high potential of Blue Green algae earlier in season.  Organisms are temp dependent, lower water temps are holding it off.

As a result, Mark recommended managing the swim area independently with a floating boom system to isolate swim area, and local aeration.

6) Chairman’s Report:


·        The Storm Drain Stenciling project initiated by the Lake Beseck Environment Committee was completed on June 13.  The Boy Scouts, Middlefield Park & Rec and LBA members assisted with the project. 

·        A postcard mailer went out the week of the project.  Cost $372.48

(Thank you - Ed, Rebecca, Jim, Amy)

·        Mark Dionne covered the project and wrote a nice article for the Town Times.

Phraghmites and Cattails

·        A copy of Mark’s report was forwarded on to our legislators

·        Jon Brayshaw met with CTDEEP regarding the issue

·        People have been submitting pictures of the plants 

Summer Algae Blooms

·        Middlefield Park and Rec to purchase a vinyl barrier (skirt) to protect swim area from floating debris and algae and will look into aeration for swim area

Lake Committee

·        The Lake Committee was re-appointed for another term, it was decided to go back to the original name of Lake Beseck Environment Committee.

LBA Picnic and Cardboard Boat Race

·        11:00 A.M. on July 11 –boat race after lunch, line boats up on beach at 11 A.M.

·        Lake Beseck Environment Committee Boat

·        Outreach opportunity

7) Selectman Report:

Selectmen reappointed Ad Hoc Committee under the name of Lake Beseck Environment Committee, members were added from P&R, EDC, P&Z; Funds left in committee account at approx. $300; Capitol account has approx. $25,000 plus $27,000 will be added for the 2015/2016 fiscal year, building acct up to over $50,000 for future lake projects.   

8) Approval of May Minutes – Motion by Randy Bernodas to accept minutes as written, Second by Ed Bailey, abstentions - Rebecca Adams, Craig Lundell

9) Election of Officers – Chair, Amy Poturnicki. Motion by Rebecca Adams, Second by Ed Bailey, all in favor; Vice Chair, Craig Lundell. Motion by Amy Poturnicki, Second by Randy Bernodas, all in favor; Secretary – Rebecca Adams. Motion by Ed Bailey, Second by Rob Poturnicki, all in favor

10) Committee Meeting Dates – ForthMonday of every Month at 7:00 P.M. as follows – 2015: July 27, Aug 24, Sept 28, Oct 26, Nov 23, Dec 28, 2016: Jan 25, Feb 22, March 28, April 25, May 23. Motion by Randy Bernodas to accept meeting dates as proposed,  Second by Rob Poturnicki, all in favor

11) Adjourn at 8:59 P.M. – by unanimous consent

Respectfully submitted by Amy Poturnicki