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Minutes of Lake Beseck Ad Hoc Advisory Committee August 2014

Lake Beseck Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Monday August 25, 2014



1. Meeting was called to order at 7:03 P.M.

2. Members Present:  Amy Poturnicki, Ed Bailey, Randy Bernodas, Jim Irish, Darin Overton, Craig Lundell, Rob Poturnicki, also present Mark June-Wells, Beseck Lake Manager

3. Approval of Agenda Darin Overton made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Craig Lundell. Passed unanimously.

4. Approval of June Minutes Jim Irish made motion, seconded by Rob Poturnicki.  Passed unanimously.

5. Public Comment - None heard

6. Chairman Report :

Update on Beseck Dam repair project

The latest update on the dam repair is that it is now looking more like the end of October for completion.  The control valve was closed down a couple of months ago in an attempt to start getting water back into the lake.  Although the water level did come up slightly for short periods, the lake is still approximately 12’ down due to lack of rain.

Sand Removal Project 

Additional improvements were made to the north end of the lake to prevent further erosion.  The banks were built out, lined with fabric, rip rap was placed and grass was planted along the road.

Terrestrial Plants

A fair amount of inquiries have come in from lake residents concerned about the terrestrial weeds growing in the lake bed.  Suggestions and concerns have been brought to the attention of our Lake Manager – who has reached out to CTDEEP, and Selectmen who are tossing around possible options.

Water samples collected by Mark June-Wells

Mark has collected the 4th consecutive mid-month water sampling from the lake.  Even though we barely have a lake, water studies will continue to aid in recognition of lake trends that will assist with plans and grants geared toward improving water quality.


STEAP Grant 2013-2014

In a letter dated on Aug 6 regarding the STEAP application for the lake, Secretary Barnes informed Jon Brayshaw that our application was not selected for grant funding this year. We were encouraged to apply for the 2014-2015 round of grants that they are already accepting applications for. 

Other Grants

We were also not awarded anything from our EPA 319 grant application.  Mark will talk more about the upcoming AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) grant applications currently being accepted by CTDEEP.

7. Selectmen Report – Nothing to report.

8. Mark June-Wells Report – Water sampling has shown a consistent trend in de-oxygenation below 6’ of depth.  Water clarity has been low since testing began.  Algal community has been primarily diatoms and green algae that has been tracking with high Nitrogen levels through July’s water testing, but then changed sometime between the July and August sampling.  Full water chemistry is not back yet but phytoplankton results came back showing a significant decrease in green algae and a high priority in terms of cyanotoxins –(blue green algae) Aphanizomenon resulted in  roughly 1000 Cells/mL.  In July, we saw a spike in Phosphorus concentrations of bottom water likely due to internal loading.  Mark predicts to see Nitrogen come back at low levels with Phosphorus being the dominant nutrient in the system, leading to the blue-green dominance of the algal community we are now seeing.

EPA 319 was not awarded to Beseck, but can be updated, enhanced with new studies, and resubmitted as soon as word is received from CTDEEP about application process. 

Although the STEAP grant was also not awarded, it can be re-submitted with new data.  Per request of Jim Irish, Mark will reach out to Meaghan for insight as to why we did not receive STEAP funding for the lake. 

Regarding AIS grant, Mark brought up the point that we should weigh out cost/benefit of writing the grant application, which could cost around $1,200.00, a Town match of 50% is required, a total of only $150,000 in funding is available for all of CT, funds must be spent within 1 year of funding, also for consideration is that we don’t have a lake and target species must have existed in the project water body as of July 1, 2014 – essentially, we wouldn’t really meet the criteria outlined in the application, which could greatly lessen our chances of receiving funding in a very competitive market.  After further discussion, and in an effort to stay on the grant radar, a Motion by Amy Poturnicki to forego AIS grant, have Ed Bailey submit a letter of future interest to Nancy Murray, seconded by Rob Poturnicki.  Passed unanimously.

9. Terrestrial plants – Discussion regarding water quality issues as a result, possible means of removal, permitting, etc.  Unanimous consent to request that Jon Brayshaw submit a formal letter to CTDEEP regarding the terrestrial plants, the opportunity before us to harvest these plants containing nutrients pulled from the nutrient rich lake bed - in an attempt to head off additional water quality issues.

10. Community Outreach – Storm drain stencils came in and were passed around.  Unanimous consent for Lake Ad Hoc to have stencils on display at an outreach booth at LBA picnic on Sept. 6 along with a sign-up sheet for people to assist with stenciling storm drains.  In addition, have lake photos and invasive plants on display.  Mark will assist with Q & A. 

11. Adjourn - Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:27 P.M. by Amy Poturnicki, seconded by Craig Lundell.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Poturnicki