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Minutes of Lake Beseck Ad Hoc Committee November 24 2014

Lake Beseck Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Monday, November 24, 2014


1.       Call To Order 7:10 P.M.

2.       Members Present:  Amy Poturnicki, Lucy Petrella, Ed Bailey, Rebecca Adams, Darin Overton, Randy Bernodas, Rob Poturnicki, Jim Irish (7:15).  Also in attendance:  Jon Brayshaw, 1st Selectman.

3.      Approval of Agenda:  Motion by Randy Bernodas, seconded by Rob Poturnicki, passed unanimously.

4.      Approval of August 2014 minutes:  Motion by Ed Bailey, seconded by Rob Poturnicki, passed, 2 abstentions:  Lucy Petrella & Rebecca Adams

5.       Public Comment:  None

6.      Chairman’s Report:

Terrestrial Plants

Approval was granted by CTDEEP to allow the cutting of weeds from the lake bed, with these guidelines:

-Work up to 100’ out from shore

-Access the lake bed for plant removal

     -Plants should be cut not pulled

-Machines such as weed whackers, chainsaws, and hand cutting tools are allowed

-Can have ATVs present for the purpose of removing cut plant material

Things CTDEEP wants to avoid:

-No large machines should access the lake bed including tractors and brush hogs

    -No more disturbance than necessary to the lake bed

 -No pulling or uprooting of plants – (by steering away from pulling the terrestrials by their roots, it would prevent further erosion, and would avoid making those areas more susceptible to aquatic invasive plants)

Permission has been granted from the Town to pile weeds at the beach for removal. They can be placed at the south end of the beach parking lot, in front of the end pilings.

I followed up with the Boy Scouts with the thought of adopting a waterfront property owner to assist them with weed removal.  While there was initial interest expressed, upon follow up, I have not heard back as to if they have decided to pursue the project.

    Water quality samples Mark June-Wells

Mark has completed September and October’s monthly water samples from the lake to add to our database.  P and blue-green algae remained high into October, but algae is expected to shift to green algae with lower water temps and nitrogen rebound.  Water quality monitoring will resume in the spring.  Mark has decided to start his own company, Aquatic Ecosystem Research.


    Milone and MacBroom storm water study

We are about a year and a half into trying to obtain enough data for the creation of a stormwater report that will determine our direction with improvements to the lake. M&M has expressed difficulty in trying to obtain adequate samples due to lack of rain. These studies are of particular importance in our pursuit of funding and permitting of lake projects focused on improved water quality. The new EPA and STEAP grant applications are out now. Darin will give an update where they stand with storm water sampling.

Stencil Ease – storm drain stencils

I received an email from Stencil Ease that the $288.74 invoice had not been paid by the Town.  Upon further investigation, they did not bill the town, so it will have to come out of our 2014/2015 fiscal budget.  If needed, we can bring the situation to the BOF and ask if they would be willing to fund the amount underspent last year.

7.      Selectmen’s Report:  Jon Brayshaw stated that he received the punch list for the dam project a week or so ago.  It is greatly reduced.   There was an inspection at the dam where approximately 30 people attended.  The two doors were opened to see the weir boards which can be adjusted via an apparatus which can be brought in as needed to open the sluice gate.  The water is now 3’ higher than it was at “low”.   This being an “even year”, the 3’ draw-down level should be maintained until spring (3/15/15).  The weir board is set at this level.   Official letter received from Robert Klee, Commissioner. 

It was determined that this committee is a member of the Federation of Lakes.  There is no annual membership fee, but they do request donations.  It was suggested that a donation be made.  It was further suggested that information regarding the Federation of Lakes be put into the newsletter so that individuals are also encouraged to join/donate.

The Town has installed (and paid for) guard rails along King’s Road to prevent vehicles from going over the edge when trying to back around.

A discussion was held regarding the Aquatic Invasive Species Grant from the State of CT which funds eligible diagnostics.  This grant was not pursued, we did not qualify since the lake is down.  This grant should be re-applied for in 2015 when the lake should qualify.

Jon made known the drainage problem on Lakeshore Drive.  There is a drainage channel under the road that is undermined and could collapse under heavy pressure.  The channel has been inspected and the Town Engineer has drawn up plans for replacement of this structure.  The project will be put out to bid this winter, with work to be done in the spring.  This project will cost approximately $20,000.00 - $30,000.00 and is being funded by the Town road budget. 

8.      Milone & MacBroom Report:  Darin reported that the lake is up due to recent rains.  The 4th storm water sample was take 1.5 weeks ago and the 5th and final sample was take today (11/24/14).   The samples now are analyzed, summarized and a report is being drafted.  Results are expected early to mid-January.  DEEP wants a complete watershed breakdown management plan, including the extent of discharge points.  Testing was done on the lake side and these tributaries and discharge points should be monitored.

The question was raised as to whether the possibility of a State mandate requiring cleanout of catch basins and sweeping of streets twice per year as opposed to the current once per year will have an impact on the report.  Discussion was held regarding the current practice of once per year at the cost of $70,000.00 to $80,000.00 (that includes entire town) plus disposal fees, and the fact that this is an unfunded mandate.  It was decided that for now, the best route would be to be proactive by setting up a monitoring system to watch the basins and see which fill up first, etc., then do work as required.

9.      Miscellaneous:

STEAP Grant – not applying this round. 

The BOS and Finance Director are starting to work on the 2015/2016 Budget.  Funds requests should be submitted soon so that they can be included as budget items.  Include cost of ongoing testing of water quality by Mark June-Wells and a proposal is needed for annual service. 

It was decided that a comprehensive strategy for applying for Grants (Invasive Species Grant, EPA Grant, etc.)  should be put in place over the next couple of years.  When the Milone & McBroom report is received, a better understanding of problems which need funding will be known.  Getting funding from the State is difficult, applications are best used wisely so as to garner the highest yield.  Best to make a realistic plan on what needs are, and then work on how to fund it.

10.  Motion to Adjourn was made by Darin Overton and seconded by Rob Poturnicki, motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.