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Scientists study how Beseck dam repair may impact aquatic plant community

It was a picture perfect day for a kayak ride to meet up with scientists from New England Environmental, Inc. and CT Agricultural Experiment Station to talk about the collection of data that will be used in a multi-year study to evaluate how disturbances such as the upcoming 1-2 yr Lake Beseck drawdown for a dam repair will impact the overall balance of the aquatic plant community. 

Is it possible that one of our invasive plant species will depart in the process?  One can only hope.  Only after the dam repair is complete and the lake refills will we have a better idea of how the lake may differ.  

Dr. Mark June-Wells hopes to advance scientific literature on the subject.  His research on Lake Beseck will continue for several years after the dam repair is complete in anticipation of changes along the way. 


Pictured below-Dr. Mark June-Wells, Limnologist & Plant Ecologist-New England Environmental, Inc. talks to Patch reporter, Michael Hayes about the study.

See Patch video interview HERE.