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$2,464,800 approved for Lake Beseck Dam

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During the March 13th Special Meeting of the State Bond Commission, ITEM 7 on the agenda, in the amount of $2,464,800 to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to finance repairs to the Lake Beseck Dam, resulted in a unanimous approval.

After the plan for Lake Beseck Dam is finalized by engineers, the project will go out to bid. The project is currently expected to begin somewhere in the vicinity of labor day, this summer. The project could last a year or more, depending on the working conditions that Mother Nature allows.

The Lake Beseck Environment Committee has been working to align lake projects with this rare draw down opportunity that would more easily allow for maintenance work in the silted areas of the lake. Despite erroneous reports in the news world suggesting that we are trying to dredge the entire lake, (which would cost millions that there is no funding for) we are looking at projects within possible reach that include money saving resource options that could afford us the opportunity to implement a couple of lake projects. We are waiting to see if we will be awarded an EPA Clean Water Act grant as well as Town funds that may provide just enough seed money to get us started on some things.

At this time, it is uncertain what will financially come to fruition to help the lake, but many are passionate about tackling the worsening silt, algae and weed problems that exist. We will know more in the next 2 months.

Stay tuned.