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Beseck Beach Project 2017/2018

A MASTER plan is in the works for Beseck Beach

The plan will not only begin to beautify the beach, but provide erosion control measures, and act as a deterrent for the geese that have been making it their home. 

Phase I of the Beach Project began this summer with small additions of Cape Cod style fencing, flag ropes, a sand dune, landscape rocks, and American Beach grass while the master plan comes together. The project is a collaborative effort of the Town of Middlefield, Lake Environment CommitteeMiddlefield Park and Recreation.


Wow, big score today! 20 Coir logs (biodegradable erosion control logs that will be used to secure new landscapes on the hillside) were donated from a job site for the price of delivery, thanks to the resourcefulness of Kathy Connolly, Speaking of Landscapes, LLC who has been working with the Town on the beach project! A minimum savings of $1,500! Many thanks to Public Works for offloading, and to the Town for your ongoing investment in our community!


Today, 30 native plants and a tree was delivered and planted at Beseck Beach thanks to the help of several volunteers! 


First, a Tulip tree was put in place by Public Works. This tree is a tall eastern hardwood, known for large showy flowers that resemble a tulip. The flowers attract birds, butterflies and hummingbirds. They are known to be insect and disease resistant trees. A variety of other trees will be selected to add to the property in the future.

Now that's the way to water a tree!


Fragrant Sumac, Winterberry, and Bushy Bluestem were also planted.  

Fragrant Sumac produces fragrant flowers in the spring, and red/orange/yellow leaves in the fall. Berries provide winter food for birds. It also attracts butterflies. Winterberry is in the holly family, it is extremely showy in late fall and early winter when covered with bright red fruit that also supplies birds with winter food. Bushy Bluestem, is a grass. It is blue green in color changing to a coppery color in the fall. Fluffy flower heads resemble chunks of silvery cotton candy. This grass provides nesting material for birds, its seeds supply food for field sparrows, juncos and other songbirds...more will be added soon.


Above and beyond that folks jumped in during lunch breaks to lend a hand!

Additional landscape rocks were placed and the small sand dune was extended. 150 more American Beach Grass plantings will be added next week. American Beach grass is a dune stabilizer, serving to knit a dune together. This and other native plants being suggested by Kathy Connolly, Speaking of Landscapes, LLC will help to provide erosion control measures at the beach.

After the plants were put into place, the area of the beach to the side of the ramp was re-smoothed and softened with sand to assist with the launching of kayaks.  


With so much yet to do, the beach landscape continues to take shape with the assistance of a community of helping hands. An earlier than expected delivery of the additional American Beach grass is now in place on the extended sand dune as Phase I of the Beach Project continues. <3 our community!  


Landscape rocks have now been placed, the south garden is whipping into shape!

south garden


Today, 250 more plants were placed.  Little Bluestem went into the south garden, Switchgrass was placed along the stream bank, and a mix of Bluestem and American Beach grass went in and around the swale next to the sand dune.  A little spot seeding was also done.  The beach is transitioning quickly thanks to a community of generous volunteers!


Today, we were able to decorate and protect one of the dunes with timbers and nautical rope.  We also gave everything a good watering while we were there!


We sadly received reports that some of the grasses had eroded out after the rain storm.  We were able to get them back in the ground right away. Coir logs were placed to protect the new plants.


Wow, what a storm!  Unfortunately, the beach took another hit.  Significant erosion occurred throughout the beach.  Grass plugs were found laying over with their roots exposed.  In addition, the entire goose fence came down on top of many of the grasses that ran alongside.

Once again, we were able to get things back into place!