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Lake Beseck Heron Rescue

Irene and Ken Angiletta noticed something odd about a Heron that was standing on their deck.  "It was standing on our deck for about an hour when he noticed that there was a tangle around its beak".  After a call to the DEEP,  Wildlife Rehabilitator, Grace Krick  arrived to help the entangled bird.  "She cut the material which looked like a tangle of carpet and monofilament line.  She took the bird in a clothes seemed stressed after the experience."   The Heron went to a Rehabilitation Center called A Place Called Hope, a volunteer group that specializes in Birds of Prey.  

Unfortunately, Lake Beseck Living learned that the Heron had passed during the evening. The rehabilitator stated that they were unsure how long the Heron went without food or water while it's beak was entangled with monofilament and carpet.

Please do your best to protect wildlife by cleaning up debris such as fishing line that could be harmful.

Thanks to Mary Ann Mocci who captured footage of the rescue and was kind enough to pass it along so we could share it on Lake Beseck Living.  Everyone did their best, thanks for sharing!  

If you want to learn more about A Place Called Hope, here's a link to their website.  Be sure to check out their wish list, as most Wildlife Rehabilitators are volunteers that struggle without the generosity of those that donate to their cause.