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Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA)

405 Main Street Middlefield, CT 06455

Lake Beseck Sewer System Use

Never put down a drain or toilet:

·         Adult, baby and cleaning wipes.

·         Diapers, Q-Tips, socks, rags, or cloth

·         Sanitary napkins or tampons

·         Cat Litter

·         Plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc.)

·         Kitchen grease (keep a grease cup near your sink)

·         Lubrication oils, gasoline etc.

·         Glass and Metal

Never connect to the sewer:  

·         Downspouts

·         Sump pumps  

·         Driveway or outdoor surface drains  

·         Swimming Pool Drains, Overflows and Filter Backwash

WPCA clogged pump.JPG

In Case of an Alarm or Emergency

The control box that is either on your house, in your yard or on a neighboring property has a red light and audible alarm.  This audible alarm can be silenced by pressing the black button on the control box.  If the light and/or alarm sounds, please restrict water usage for about an hour to see if the pumps catch up (occasionally the flow into the pump chamber may exceed the pumping capacity).  If the red light does not go out or for any emergency contact our service company:

Williamson Pump, Inc. at 860-613-0401


Generally a service technician will respond to a call within a few hours. If there is no response and the problem continues, call the W.P.C.A.’s 24 hour telephone number at 860-982-1465.


Water Conservation Kits

To reduce the amount of water entering the sewer system and the resultant cost of processing, the W.P.C.A. has water conservation kits available for Lake Beseck Sewer customers.  Kits are available at the Land Use office at the Community Center.  Kits include; a water saving shower head, a kitchen faucet spray attachment, and faucet aerators…free…a very good deal!

Proper use of the sewer system and conservation will help to control operating and maintenance costs!