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Whether you are interested in family activities in the area, efforts being made toward issues such as weed control and algae of the lake, becoming a volunteer, or you want to stay on top of crime events in the area, this is the place to be.

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The newly released William Kent book tells the story of the life of a world class artist, hidden from view, who had to pass away at 93 to be rediscovered.  He lived in our midst!  He was my friend.  ~Marv Beloff

The Bill Kent Story is a unique 49 years of friendship, 1963 to 2012 based upon a treasure trove of letters & articles received from a gifted sculptor.  Considered by the author and even written in the NY Times as "the worlds greatest wood sculptor."

Bill Kent lived and worked almost unknown for nearly 50 years in Durham, CT.  He lived in a tiny house attached to a 40 X 138 foot barn which he practically filled full of over 270 heroic sized sculptures and 150 slate monoprints hand inked and created. He was a recluse for some 30 years of that time and worked in isolation.  Even close neighbors were unaware that they shared their neighborhood with a genius artist. The Art world had seen his work displayed in a gallery in NY in 1965.  

On Thursday April 4, 2013 for only the second time, his work was exhibited at a museum in NYC on 5th Avenue and 27th St. Until July 14th.

The book, by author Marv Beloff, has over 100 colored illustrations of the master sculptors work.  Pick up your copy today. 

The William Kent museum located at 269 Howd Rd. Durham, CT is open most weekends from 12-3 PM or by appointment:  (203) 421-3039  Many items for sale.  Sculptures, prints, paintings, shop tools.

 Proceeds go to the William Kent foundation.